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When The Time Comes To Ring The Bell

        Since Earth's formation millions of years ago, a self-organizing genetic substance, enclosed in a shallow lens-type shell, has lay hidden in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda.
         Freezing temperatures, lack of oxygen and water pressure have kept it in a dormant state until the U.S.'s deep water drilling crew compromised its integrity.
         The situation quickly spun out of control and led to human tragedies when the mysterious substance blew out of the oil well, causing a mutation of animal, human and marine lives. Moved by the Gulf Stream, it advanced toward Europe and reached the Azores, ultimately becoming a potential threat to the entire planet that called for an immediate response.
         This fantastic action-packed thriller follows numerous characters as they journey across Bermuda, the Azores, Western Sahara, England, Russia, the U.S. and France.

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   Published on 12/24/2013  
   FICTION / Action and Adventure
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