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 Imagine The Impossible
       Somewhere in the deep recesses of the universe, on an enormous modular planet called Gigas, the Creators of Life and Intellect, who are obsessed with self-perfection, begin conducting large-scale experiments using their own genetic material.
       After selecting our planet at the stage of its formation, they introduce to it a variety of living, self-engineered organisms; as the organisms develop, the Creators choose primates to remotely receive a special sequence that triggers their intellectual evolution.
        The drastic improvement and near-perfection of the modern human brain is viewed by the Creators as a threat to their dominance, so they activate a brain-killing bug to destroy the most advanced people on Earth. Chris Rosson, the only earthling immune to their bug, discovers that he possesses extraterrestrial abilities and uses them to confront the Creators during a mind-blowing voyage within the parallel universes.
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   Published on 03/21/2015
   FICTION / Science and Action
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