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Concerns and Challenges

HealthcareOur company experience shows that in many cases the analysis of operations discover substantial deficiencies in the healthcare providers workflow. That includes referral process, marketing and sales approach, as well as results based on efforts and related costs.  In the situations like this our primary focus is cost optimization by implementing a new technology. We have realized that there is always a room for improvement in the way the healthcare business is conducted. Recently, it has become obvious to us that the biggest issue today is a 40% reduction of Medicare payments. If your company is exposed to and depend on the Government healthcare programs, the impact of such reduction may be substantial and put your company at the edge of a free-fall into the abyss. Our action plan would include addressing the cost issues, automation of the processes and contacting vendors on your behalf in order to negotiate favorable costs of the bids that would benefit your company and thus provide certain cash flow relief.
A Simple Step in the Right Direction
We develop simple, reliable and convenient solutions based on our clients' needs!

We believe that our unique approach of collecting  accurate data and complementing it by a human touch are the keys to help clients achieve success in their healthcare business.

We provide full support to our clients during and after implementation of specific processes; their success means our success!
Confidence in Achieving the Desired Results

Our team is a collective of experienced professionals who bring creative and dynamic approach, using empirical data-driven analytics that may help healthcare businesses improve their operations and profitability.

Support of business development is an important part of what we do. Whether it's a start-up company, an individual  or a company with a potential of farther expansion, our goal is to create a business environment which would help them attract more clients. That includes brand development and broader exposure to a specific client base in order to achieve a better brand recognition.

Like in any other business, stuff augmenting, including executive positions, as well as finding ways to improve patients' experience during their interactions with healthcare providers, would simply mean repeat business! Engaging with patients in a professional manner is a key to preserve the brand and its business value by applying appropriate workplace processes, such as on-boarding, on-going training and attention to important details during implementation of specific recommendations.

We understand the time value of money concept and our services are based on the size of each individual case and completed in an expeditious manner. During a discovery period, which starts with a phone call or a meeting in person, we engage in formulating a quote that includes all necessary stages to include implementation plan and its execution. The results are what counts and Labtac measures them -- we build the metrics to ensure success of each individual project.

Our proprietary system powered by LabTac Cadence® has been designed to provide accurate and real time data, as well as improve our subscribers' overall interaction experience.

Key team members

Anna McDevitt Ryan McDevitt Bryan Hines Ron Dixon Will Troesken Nimesh Patel
Anna McDevitt
Brand development specialist
Ryan McDevitt
Workflow efficiency specialist
Bryan Hines
Programming and Applications
Ron Dixon
Consulting and Training
Will Troesken
Customer Service Specialist
Nimesh Patel
Web development and support

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