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German P. Teterin, Professor Emeritus, 4803 E. Kentucky Ave, # 316, Denver, CO 80246-2220. 
He is a specialist and expert in Material Science and Engineering.
      Dr. Teterin has a professional experience in such branches of science and technology as: a) applied methods and 
      remedies of cybernetics in research, mathematical modeling, optimization and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) of 
      technological processes of hot die and cold forging and other processes of metal working; b)
automated optimum 
      technological planning of machine shops; c) new technical solutions for developing processes of electro-upsetting 
      and pulse bulk parts stamping of difficult deformable material details of responsible assignment; and d) optimized 
      longitudinal section of the planetary-thread rolling mill roll and of   the cross taper rolling.

Patrick A. Fleming, Ph.D., 4842 Glenvillage Dr, Houston, TX 77084-2520, Consultant for Industrial Development, Project Evaluation, Management Evaluation, Capability Profile and Benchmarking.

Dr. Fleming was a contract consultant for Multi-lateral banking institutions such as: 

  • European Bank for  Reconstruction and Development, Asian development Bank, Japanese Government Dawia Investment Fund, USA .

  • Export/Import Bank, USA Overseas Private Investment corporation, TUSRUIF, IMF, and World Bank.


Within last twenty years he worked as a contract consultant with MOST INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE ORGANIZATIONS PROJECTS AROUND THE WORLD (Central & South America, Middle East , Asia , Pacific Rim , Eastern Europe , Territories of Former Soviet Union)

            a) United Nations Industrial Developments Organizations ASSISTANCE FOR Industrial enterprises in newly 
                emerging democracies to convert from a planned economic system to a market economy;

            b) Profile company capabilities and assets to evaluate enterprises potential;

            c) Cross-reference company capability profile with manufacturing needs profiles in world markets;

            d) DETERMINE Specific markets and opportunities that match company capability profile;

            f)  IDENTIFY Enterprises in each market THAT ARE ready, willing, and able to cooperate with subject company;

            g) EVALUATION OF Enterprises which are being considered for investment or are already in the investment 
                portfolio and need assistance in achieving established goals.

Wired Capital, Inc., Bryan T. Emerson, President, P.O. Box 1290 , Houston , TX 77251

Company created a  WiredCapital.net for the  development of an Internet based network of investors, entrepreneurs, and professional service firms focused on helping middle market private and small public companies grow and succeed.

WiredCapital.net's purpose is to create better awareness of the many opportunities available for qualified investors and industry professionals, and to facilitate working relationships between these individuals and companies. This network provides companies with access to business resources, intelligence, programs, services, and presentation forums to foster alliances with the investment community.

Nina A. Borisova, Ph.D. Chemistry, Simultaneous Interpreter and Technical Translator (Russian-English & English-Russian), 4842 Glenvillage Dr., Houston, TX 77084-2520.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Simultaneous Interpreter and Translator for Oil & Gas, Petrol-Chemical Industries, Banking, Finance, and Economics. Over 15-years experience in International Translations at the Ministerial Level, USSR (Russia), France, Germany, England, Japan, Korea, China, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark with high level technical negotiations and technical translations for senior officials. 

1979 - 1991 State Institute of Language, English Language Certification. 

1998 2002 Interpreter/Translator United States Department of Justice , USA Immigration and Naturalization Service. Freelance Translator for Legal, Scientific, Financial, Marketing, and Business clients. 

1993 1998 Worked with various American, European, and Russian firms as a Interpreter/Translator in Business, Technical, Scientific, and Finance matters. Included work for USA Consulate in Minsk , Byelorussia , European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and Daiwa Far East and Eastern Siberia Investment Fund. 

1985 1999 Interpreter/Translator (Oral & Written) Russian Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Fuel & Energy, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Industry, and Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations. 

1979 - 1996 All Union Scientific Research, Project Designing, & Technological Institute (N.I.A.I. "Istochnik") Senior Research Scientist. 

1995-1996 Interpreter/Translator for negotiations with President Lukoshenko of Byelorussia in Byelorussia and in USA during his trip in 1995 to Washington D.C., New York,, Chicago, Bloomington, IL. 

1984 - 1987 Representative of the Soviet Union in the area of Applied Electrochemistry for Development of Advanced Electrochemical Power Sources for the International Program "Inter-Electro". Professional Negotiator / Translator and Leading Scientist for contract agreements between Russian Interests and Japanese, and European companies. 

1987 - 1991 Project Scientific Leader and Professional Negotiator for contract negotiations between S.A.F.T. of
France , and N.I.A.I. Istochnik of Russia for development and production of rechargeable chemical power sources.

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