This information provides general outline of the "seller carry back" financing in conjunction with further sale of created debt instruments in the secondary market. Dollar Express Corporation will not be responsible for any damages or claims of any kind which may result from use or misuse of this information by a reader.


1. Considerations when he/she decides to sell his/her real estate property
A.  The seller wishes to receive cash for his/her real estate and expect the buyer to take care of financing either through a bank or a mortgage company. The sale takes place when the buyer agrees on the price, qualifies for conventional financing, has an ability to put enough cash down.

B.  Basic situations leading to a "seller carry back" financing take place if he/she wants to invest into future cash receivable, or is dealing with the family member, or carries it over as a part of a divorce settlement, or is forced by certain circumstances, such as:

C.  If the owner wishes to benefit from excluding brokerage fees he/she may facilitate a FSBO option (For Sale By Owner). It could be "FSBO(Financing Required)", or "FSBO (Financing Available)". Please note, that the "seller carry back" financing may be facilitated regardless of whether he/she sells through a real estate broker or "by owner".

2. Benefits of the "seller carry back" financing


There is three basic issues to be addressed before any decision can be made on which option to chose and how to structure the sale:

1.  Property considerations 2.  Sale considerations 3.  Financial considerations 4. Transacting owner financed notes in the secondary market.